On-line Help and Training Tools

The Coaches from Becker Bass Team have assembled this information to help you become a better angler.  This information is to be used by all the coaches, parents, and anglers on our team.  We want everyone to learn, get better and have the best ability to catch fish! 

Please review the information and take time to practice the techniques. Try to watch the videos and understand the information prior to our meeting nights.  This way we will be more efficient with our hands on time at the school and on the water.


We will continue to add and develop this page as the seasons progress.  

If you have any information, comments or videos please share!

Yes, even you competing high school teams reading this are invited to share and learn with us! 

Block 1: Rods/Reels/Line

Beginner's Guide

  • This is getting back to the basics.  Different rod and reel types.
  • If you are newer to fishing please watch.  Video gives the technical details of rods and reels.
  • Great place to start!

6 Go-To Rod Combos

  • Flukemaster shares his top 6 combos
  • Great info on how to match rod, reel, line type with lures and fishing techniques


Check out this great video about choosing the right reel for the right fishing applications. Learn about how to pick a reel based on lure type, gear ratio and ball bearings.

Line Types

Block 2: Knots

Top 4 fishing knots. In this video you'll learn how to tie an improved clinch knot, snell knot, palomar knot and double uni knot. 

How to Tie Monofilament to Braid : Double Uni Knot

How to tie a Blood Knot by Abu Garcia

Block 3: - Casting techniques

How to Pitch and Flip

Pitching and Flipping with Denny Brauer.

Beginning - Baitcasting Reels

  • Tuning your reel, how to use the breaking system, and setting the tension knob. 
  • Basics of casting a baitcaster

Great video from Seth.

Lots of useful information in video!

  • Fall fishing jigs in the shallow water.
  • What kind of reel to use for dock fishing.
  • Types of jigs to use for skipping.

Some quick and easy backlash tricks.

It works...sometimes! 

Depends on how big the birds nest is!

Block 4: Lures - baits - hooks

Buzz Baits

For Beginners

  • Great video to introduce you to the multiple baits that are available for fishing.  

How to Fish a Spinnerbait - Scott Martin - Everything you need to know.

Keeping your crank baits tuned up. 

To determine if you need to tweak on your baits make a short cast and reel the lure in really fast.  If it pulls left or right it may need to be tuned to track properly.  

Watch this video to learn how.

Block 7: Weather and fish behavior

Weather conditions, lure selection, moon phases and seasonal changes.

Fish behavior with weather changes

What do fish hear? How do they hear? Can they hear sonars?

Advanced video explaining what fish really can and can not hear.