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Rig a Senko

Coach Dusty's Go To Lures

Reflecting on the 2017 year I was fortunate to fish with a bunch of people, on a ton of lakes, in a variety of situations.  Some of it was competitive, some was for fun.  But you keep learning.  It was a huge learning curve last year and seriously look forward to 2018! As we continue to learn and grow our personal arsenal we always have our "comfort" techniques.  The following I would say are my top 3-4 lures and presentations.

Wacky Senko Worms

When guiding newer fisherman the overall goal is to get them on a bunch of fish.  I have found that using the wacky worms has been a simple to teach go-to lure and not only catches fish, but can put people on bigg fish too! In 2017 we had lots of success with wacky worms. That is why we added so many videos of it!  Some on our team despise the wacky worm and will throw anything else but.  I think they are just jealous!  I know who I am sending a package to for his birthday!

  • Weightless Senko hooked wacky style
    • Learn to use this worm first.  Great introduction to Finesse Style fishing.
    • Fish shallow and learn to feel the bite.  Try to catch a bunch of small bass, rockbass or even panfish to learn the feel, when they hit, when they swim with it, how to set the hook.
    • Easy to cast using a spin rod.
    • Begin to practice skipping the lure.  This will get your lure into hard to reach areas under docks, under trees, up along banks.  Practice in your driveway!
    • Once you are good with this presentation you will be much more comfortable moving into other deeper presentations including drop shot, weighted senkos, shaky heads, ned rigs and the infamous Carter Hietala Rig!
    • Downfall:  Slow presentation

Spinner Baits

  • In our boat we utilize different "searcher" baits.  The Spinner bait is a go-to lure for finding fish.
  • What we use: Blue/Black, White and Orange Black Spinner. Typically single Colorado blade.
    • The single colorado makes it a quick retrieve lure for searching.
  • Spinner baits cover lots of ground when attempting to find active/aggressive fish.
  • Easy to cast/use.
  • Fairly weedless.  Can pull them through reed beds.
  • Thrown with baitcaster. 

Fun Lure - Buzz Baits

  • In 2017 Charlie caught his PB 20 1/2 inches on a buzzbait!
  • Fun lure with big blow ups
  • Pike can't leave them alone either

New in 2017! Chatterbait

  • Similar to a spinner bait.  
    • Bite is different. More subtle / attack from behind bite.
  • Added trailer for size and attraction
  • Good for stained water instead of just a swim bait or swim jig
  • Baitcaster/Heavier Rod/Reel/Line

  • Skipping with spin reels and bait cast reels.  
  • Pitch Skipping Techniques

Advanced dock skipping!

Great break down of how to skip jigs under docks. Front and backhand skipping is important for tournament fishing.  Boat doesn't have to be maneuvered as much, helps partner in boat.

Practice! Practice! Practice! 

Video on fishing Senko / Wacky Worms