2018 Mn Adult & Teen Challenge Tourney

Great fundraising fishing tournament for a wonderful cause.  An opportunity to raise money and to rub shoulders with some great fisherman, including Biggtime Charlie!

Watch the video and see if you spot anyone you know!

Jacob Novak Fishing

Our Team Member Jacob with a great video!

2017 Nationals

Something to shoot for!  National High School Competition!

Go Gophers!

Published on Aug 3, 2014   University of Minnesota students, Chris Burgan and Austin Felix, are preparing for another year of champion fishing at the university, David McCoy reports.

Jimmy Bell

Thank you Jimmy for standing behind your words.  A true advocate of youth and high school angling.  Out of the blue Jimmy reached out to the Becker Bass Team to help and committed to be our first guest speaker!

Insane Smallmouth action

Biggtime Charlie and Carter put together a fun video fishing a local lake.