Coaches and Volunteers Needed!

You can not believe how much fun it is to be part of this team. We had a great inaugural year. Now we are looking to make it better and we need your help.  We promise you will have fun and wont be disappointed.  The fishing industry is 100% behind building up the High School fishing and they are helping our teams by participating with our teams and inviting us to industry events.  It is crazy the support we receive. Just a great experience to be part of!

  We are planning our 2018 season and want to give back more to the anglers, sponsors, team, and community.  In order to accomplish this we are looking for volunteers, coaches and boat captains. We have a variety of needs that can fit into your time schedule. If you have any interest let us know and we would like to add your email to our database.  We will keep you informed by sending out team updates, local fishing opportunities, meetings, events, and tournaments.   We will soon be publishing our 2018 schedule so plans can be set up well in advance.   

Thank you for considering!

Coaching Application & Forms

Coach Application (pdf)


BYA Background Check (pdf)


2018 Coach and Student Info and Bio Page (pdf)


2018 Classroom Dates, Plan, Guest Speakers (pdf)


Becker Bass Team Coaching

2018 Coaching Plan

For 2018 we continue to recruit and build up our team.  Coaching is a vital part of providing learning opportunities and good experiences to the students, parents and other coaches.  We all learn and continue to learn from each other.  We have a need for a variety of coaches and boat captains.  This year  we have developed a coaching commitee to help recruit, decide on meeting topics, plan local events and lakes, provide learning opportunities, and to develop and deliver a curriculum.

What We Offer Our Volunteer Coaches

The excitement to be part of the fast growing sport of high school youth angling!  Sharing your passion, developing relationships, teaching and giving back.  The experience, in itself, is worth the commitment to help.  We guarantee it!  In addition to having fun we commit the following to our coaching staff:

  • Personal Fishing Bio Page on Website
  • Participation and Invite to all of our sponsored events
  • Team Jersey for a committment and participation in 3 or more team events.
  • Participation in our manufacturer discount programs
    • St. Croix Rods / Rapala VIP / G-Loomis / Shimano and more!

Some topics we plan on covering this year

  • Safety
    • Boating, Personal, Weather
  • Environment
    • Invasive Species
  • Bass Fishing 
  • Walleye Fishing
  • Equipment 
  • Tournaments  
    • Preparation and Execution 

If you consider yourself knowledgable, or if you know someone who would make a great teacher on some of these above topics,  please join us and help!. We are always looking for coaches, speakers, guests, boat captains, guides, and teachers!  Good stories are welcome too.

2018 Coaches and Boat Captains

  • Dusty Wright 
  • Tim Forsythe
  • Chad Earney
  • Mark Klimstra 
  • Jack Thielke
  • Todd Matvick
  • Mike Roske
  • Tom Klimek
  • Tony Foecke
  • Jayme Doucette
  • Matt Quick
  • Chad Steffans
  • Terry Inman
  • Eli Martin
  • Steve Staples
  • Tim Schwartz - Walleye (H2Outfitters)
  • Bill Longley - Walleye (H2Outfitters)
  • Josh Lund - Pro Walleye
  • Taylor Mazur - SCSU
  • Dean Hietala
  • Mark Novak
  • Chad Brenteson
  • Clifford (Butch) Anderson
  • Mike Bujarski
  • Chad McKay
  • Will Brannan

Interested in helping?  We are always looking for more coaches and boat captains.  

You don't need a fancy shmancy bass boat. You don't need to be pro fisherman. Just spend time with kids on the water.  We invite you to attend our meetings, learn, and get better at fishing.  We promise you will have fun and enjoy this experience!