Head orginizational coach of the Becker High School Bass Team Dusty Wright. Loves to fish.

Head Coach - Dusty Wright

Hometown: Big Lake - Turned Bulldog 25 years ago

Proudest Fish:  20 Inch Bass when I was a little lad.

Favorite Fisherman: Al Lindner 

Favorite Species to Fish For:  Whatever is biting

Favorite  Lake: LOW - Lake of the Woods

Favorite Lure: Deadly Nedly

How did you learn to fish:  Dad and Grandpa

Who do you fish with most: Kids

Boat: Stratos Javelin 185 with Yamaha 150

"There's Just Something About Fishing That Makes People Happy"

Enjoy giving back and taking people fishing.  

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Contact Information

Tim Forsythe


Head Coach - Tim Forsythe

Tim has 50 years of Bass fishing experience. He's fished Club tournaments and has qualified for state every year.  Tim's also finished each year in the Top 3 for Angler of the Year.  He's participated in circuit tournaments  where he's qualified for the Tournament of Champions.

Hometown:  Big Lake

Proudest Fish:  8.5 lbs Bass

Favorite Fisherman:  Dad

Favorite Species to Fish For:  Bass

Favorite  Lake:  The one I'm catching fish on

Favorite Lure:  I'm adaptable

How did you learn to fish:  Dad

Who do you fish with most:

Boat: Ranger

Contact Information

Email: forsythepublic@sherbtel.net

Cell: 320-250-3871

Chad Earney


Head Coach - Chad Earney


Hometown:  Big Lake

Proudest Fish:  5.5 lbs Bass

Favorite Fisherman:  Al Linder

Favorite Species to Fish For:  Bass

Favorite  Lake:  Big Lake

Favorite Lure:  Whatever is working at the time

How did you learn to fish:  Neighbor

Who do you fish with most:  Myself

Boat: Ranger

Contact Information

Email: chadearney@gmail.com

Cell: 612-219-0647

Chad Steffens


Head Coach - Chad Steffens

Chad enjoys fishing with his Wife Robyn and their four daughters on both open and hard water.  Although he has a passion for walleye fishing Chad's learned a lot about Bass fishing in the past few years.  He enjoys spending time with the Bass Team teaching the kids and learning from them at the same time.  

Chad considers himself a "professional netter" due to his Wife Robyn catching most of the big fish they encounter.

Hometown:  Becker

Proudest Fish: 39" 24 lbs Lake Trout caught in Manitoba

Favorite Fisherman:  Al Linder

Favorite Species to Fish For:  Walleye & Bass

Favorite  Lake:  Mille Lacs & Osakis

Favorite Lure:  Drop Shot

How did you learn to fish:  Time on the water, You Tube, Social Media

Who do you fish with most: My wife Robyn

Boat:  Larson FX 1750 w/ 140HP Suzuki

Contact Information

Email: chad.steffens@gmail.com

Cell: 763-286-6410

Tom klimek


Head Coach - Tom Klimek

Tom is involved in League Fishing and has won 9 league titles in the last 6 years. Tom fishes tournaments and won his 1st Bass Tournament on Lake Minnetonka in 1978. He also has top 10 finishes in bass and walleye tournaments, and a 1st place in 3 catfish tournaments. Tom's competitive fishing landed him a 1st place in Northern Division at Camp Confidence Tournament and a 2nd place in the walleye division in the MN Teen Challenge Tournament.

Hometown: Becker

Proudest Fish:  52" Muskie

Favorite Fisherman:  

Favorite Species to Fish For:  Whatever is biting 

Favorite  Lake:  Mille Lacs

Favorite Lure:  Worming

How did you learn to fish:  Learned from other people and reading

Who do you fish with most:  Anyone who wants to go

Boat:  Ranger 

Contact Information

Email: tomklimek51@gmail.com

Cell:  320-248-4956

Scott staples


Head Coach - Scott Staples


Hometown:  Austin, Mn

Proudest Fish: 7.25 lbs Bass

Favorite Fisherman:  Father-in-Law Wayne

Favorite Species to Fish For:  Bass

Favorite  Lake:  Union South by Alexandria

Favorite Lure:  Smithwick Devilhorse

How did you learn to fish:  Father-in-Law Wayne

Who do you fish with most:  Son-in-Law or by myself

Boat: Phoenix 618

Contact Information

Email: doufishtwo@yahoo.com

Cell:  612-239-2721

Assistant Coaches

Matt Quick


Matt Quick is a well-known fishing guide in the local area. He’s been doing Walleye and Bass tournaments for the last 20 years. Matt has three children Austin, Charlie and Eloise.

Matt Quick Outdoors


Terry Inman


Terry lives north of Becker and has no kids on the Bass Team.  He volunteers as an Assistant Coach because he enjoys teaching kids how to fish.  Terry and his Wife enjoy spending time at their cabin in Garfield.  He fishes with his good friend Ray chasing Bass and Crappies. His Dad taught him how to fish, but Roland Martin on TV was pretty good too.

Todd Schultz


Eli Martin


Jayme Doucette


Jayme lives north of Becker on 10 acres with his wife Kirsten and their 3 children Callie, Mason & Madison. He loves to hunt, fish, and spend time at their cabin. Jayme enjoys spending time in the outdoors whenever he can.

Todd Matvick


Todd lives north of Becker with his wife Karen, son Tyler  and daughter Ashley.  He enjoys fishing in the summer with his family on Fish Trap Lake. When he’s not fishing he’s either trapping or putting food plots in, north of Big Fork, getting ready for the whitetail season.  Todd’s favorite lake growing up was Mille Lacs where he used stick-baits and spinner rigs chasing walleyes.  His favorite bass tactics is top-water…when it works.

Tony Foecke


Jared Bistodeau


Jacob Novak

Jacob lives in Clear Lake, Mn and works alongside his Father building homes under Tri-County Profess

Jacob lives in Clear Lake, Mn and works alongside his Father building homes under Tri-County Professional Builders.  He is well-known as one of the areas premier bass fisherman.  Jacobs’s most recent accomplishment is placing 8th at the Classic Bass Champion Tour held on  Le Homme Dieu in Alexandria, Mn.  In his spare time he also makes his own quality bass fishing jigs.  His favorite presentation for catching monster bass is the Drop-Shot. 


Butch Anderson

Greg Bowles


Greg enjoys taking kids out fishing and seeing the excitement on their faces when they catch that "Big One". His biggest fish is a 29.5" Walleye . Greg 's favorite tactics are Lindy Rigs, jigs & plastic for walleyes. He spends most of his time fishing with his son Scott, his Dad, and friends.

Dave Albrecht


Dave likes catching different types of fish . Such as this Peacock Bass caught in a canal in Naples, FL.  Dave is married to  Kristy and they have two sons.  Logan is in 9th grade and a member of the Bass Team, and Evan in 7th grade. Dave works at the Sherco Plant in Becker.

Jake Wilhelm


Jake spends a lot of time fishing with his son Cole who is on the Bass Team.  His largest fish is a 44" Muskie caught in Canada.  His love for fishing was inspired by his Dad who taught him how to fish.

Jamie Waytachek

Joe Meyer


Joe enjoys fishing with his Son Parker who is on the Bass Team.  His biggest fish is a 33 lbs King Salmon that he almost lost due to his Brother breaking the net during the catch.  Joe likes to fish for bass on Limestone Lake using a jig worm. He brags out only using 2 lures while fishing…what kind they are is still a mystery!

Matt (Buzz) Simonson


Todd Martindale


Becker Bass Team Coaching


2019 Coaching Plan

For 2019 we continue to recruit and build up our team.  Coaching is a vital part of providing learning opportunities and good experiences to the students, parents and other coaches.  We all learn and continue to learn from each other.  We have a need for a variety of coaches and boat captains.  This year  we have developed a coaching commitee to help recruit, decide on meeting topics, plan local events and lakes, provide more opportunities, and to develop and deliver a curriculum.

What We Offer Our Volunteer Coaches

The excitement to be part of the fast growing sport of high school youth angling!  Sharing your passion, developing relationships, teaching and giving back.  The experience, in itself, is worth the commitment to help.  We guarantee it!  In addition to having fun we commit the following to our coaching staff:

  • Personal Fishing Bio Page on Website
  • Participation and Invite to all of our sponsored events
  • Team Jersey for a committment and participation in 3 or more team events.
  • Participation in our manufacturer discount programs
    • St. Croix Rods / Rapala VIP / G-Loomis / Shimano/ Big Bite Baits / Northland Tackle and more!

Some topics we plan on covering this year

  • Safety
    • Boating, Personal, Weather
  • Environment
    • Invasive Species
  • Bass Fishing 
  • Equipment 
  • Tournaments  
    • Preparation and Execution 

If you consider yourself knowledgable, or if you know someone who would make a great teacher on some of these above topics,  please join us and help!. We are always looking for coaches, speakers, guests, boat captains, guides, and teachers!  Good stories are welcome too.

2019 Coaches and Boat Captains

  • Dusty Wright 
  • Tim Forsythe
  • Chad Earney
  • Todd Matvick
  • Tom Klimek
  • Jayme Doucette
  • Matt Quick
  • Chad Steffans
  • Terry Inman
  • Eli Martin
  • Todd Schultz
  • Scott Staples
  • Tim Schwartz - Walleye (H2Outfitters)
  • Bill Longley - Walleye/Mississippi River (H2Outfitters)
  • Josh Lund - Pro Walleye
  • Taylor Mazur - SCSU
  • Clifford (Butch) Anderson
  • Todd Martindale
  • Buzz Simonson
  • Jamie Waytacheck
  • Jake Wilhelm
  • Greg Bowles
  • Dave Ahlbrecht
  • Jacob Novak - Rookie Pro Year
  • Jared Bistodeau
  • Tony Foecke

Interested in helping?  We are always looking for more coaches and boat captains.  

You don't need a fancy shmancy bass boat. You don't need to be pro fisherman. Just spend time with kids on the water.  We invite you to attend our meetings, learn, and get better at fishing.  We promise you will have fun and enjoy this experience!

Coaching Application & Forms

BYA Background Check (pdf)


Becker Bass Coach Sign Up (pdf)