Becker BASS INFOrmation


Registration Opens January 2019

Open to Becker High School students.  Our Season starts in March of each year and runs year round. 

Most activities, local lake events and tournaments are finished in September.

Registration is due by March 1st.   Registration fee is $125 + $100 Volunteer fee (2 Events/Family)

Registration Includes:

  • Team Fishing Jersey
  • Team Hat
  • TBF/SAF annual dues and tournament fees
  • Team Product Discounts from Participationg Manufacturers and Sponsors
  • Local Competitions and Prizes
  • Awesome fishing and volunteer opportunities!

Coaching / Fishing / Mentoring/Competition

Becker Bass Team provides opportunities to fish, learn and grow as an angler and a young adult.  Our coaching philosophy is that we help everyone from novice to more experienced fisherman.  This includes the coaches, boat captains, and students.  We do this by:

  • Meetings and Training Sessions 
    • Held at the High School classrooms and auditorium focus on safety, professionalism, environment and fishing tips/techniques.   At times we are fortunate enough to have industry experts and professional fisherman come in and teach.
  • Local Lake Fishing and Practice
    • We will be utilizing our coaches to provide hands on fishing sessions concentrating on presentation, lure selection, technique, lake presence, and tournament preparation.
  • Local Lake Fishing Competitions!
    •  This is a friendly competition with prizes for big bass and best 5 fish / boat.  Members with boaters safety certificate can drive their own boats.  At our monthly meetings we recap who / how / why we caught fish providing a great opportunity to learn from each other and improve our fishing knowledge and techniques. We utilize this to prepare for tournament competition.
  • Fishing Tournaments - We fish the Minnesota Student Angler Tournament Trail.  These are Bass Federation  Student Angler Federation (TBF/SAF) sanctioned tournaments.  Winners can advance to State and National Championship Tournaments.  Anglers must have an adult (Boat Captain) with them during these events.


  • Attend registration meeting and complete registration form and pay registration fee. 
  • Attend team meetings and training sessions. 
  • Volunteer for a minimum of 2 events per year. 
  • Respond to email communication as needed. 
  • Represent the Becker Bass Fishing team in a professional manner. 
  • Use boater safety skills on and off the water. 
  • Be respectful to others and other's property - always. 
  • Be prepared for all types of weather at an event. We are in an area where the weather can change from one extreme to the next in a very short period. 
  • Be sure to have food and drinks during fishing events. 
  • Maintain satisfactory grades in school.
  • Respect the natural resources.
  • Catch Big Fish!

Meetings and Training Sessions

  • We will have, at a minimum, a monthly meeting for most of the year.  Spring will be more frequent.  Sessions will start in February.
  • Be on time and be prepared for the meeting.  
  • Listen to the speakers and participate in any hands-on activities. 
  • Refrain from talking to those sitting by you while there is a presenter speaking.  
  • Meetings typcially will be held from 6-8pm at Becker Senior High School old auditorium, unless announced with a different location.  
  • Meetings will have a consistent focus with topics of safety, professionalism, and fishing.  They may consist of guest speakers, fishing techniques, fishing lesson plans, upcoming events, recapping our recent fishing experiences and telling good fish stories.

Sign Ups and Registration

2019 Becker Bass Student Registration (pdf)


2019 Sponsor Application (pdf)


Becker Bass Parent Form (pdf)


Becker Bass Volunteer Sign Up (pdf)