2019 Volunteer Time and Opportunities


We Encourage Volunteering!

Volunteering is an important aspect of our team philosophy.  We highly encourage volunteering to engage with our sponsors, non-profits, community events and tournament trails.  We have many really awesome opportunities to participate in that are directly related to fishing and the fishing industry.   

Volunteer Program

In 2019 our Bass Team is implementing a $100 Volunteer fee for each student angler.  

  • At the time of registration a separate  check will be written to Becker High School Bass Team for $100
  • Checks will be held until October 1st, 2019 by our treasurer  Todd Matvick
  • If volunteer time was not performed by October 1st, Checks will be deposited
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Value will be posted on this web page.   Most events we will be notified well in advance.  Some may be communicated via email if they are requested from an organization with little heads up.
  • Volunteer Time will be tracked.  

        Please update Mamie Hyttsten  when you have volunteered -  mamie2017@yahoo.com

2019 Volunteer Opportunities


  • 9th - Little Hole In Big Lake Ice Fishing Tournament - Big Lake

- H2Outfitters would like 4-6 volunteers to help drill holes for the fishing competition

- Augers will be supplied

- Contact Tim Schwartz at H2Outfitters for detailed information/meeting times

- All participants will be allowed to fish the tournament for free

  • 9th - Becker Bass Team will be hosting DNR Boater Safety Course - Becker HS

- Coast Guard Auxillary/Sherburne County Water Patrol/ Onyx Outdoors

- 8am-4pm classroom time.

- General activities - helping with registration, lunch run and set up, helping clean up

- 2-4 volunteers needed.

Expectations When Volunteering

  • Remember - You are representing the team at all times.
  • Be professional.
  • Wear your jersey!!
  • Show up on time and be prepared.
  • Take Photos.  

        - These photo opportunities are truly priceless to our sponsors, partners and to the fishing industry who are graciously supporting our teams!

  • Work hard.
  • Stay off your phone.
  • Have fun!!!